Why a DNA test while being pregnant?

Why a DNA test while being pregnant?

When you are pregnant, a healthy baby is the most important thing for most parents. Many people do not have a preference for a boy or a girl, but are curious about the gender. Generally, it takes about 20 weeks before you can tell with an ultrasound what the sex of the baby will be. According to some talk, it is possible to find out early in your pregnancy what the gender will be. Still, the generally accepted way to determine the gender is through an ultrasound. Nowadays, there are also DNA test while pregnant, which you can perform. So you know exactly what the sex of your baby will be. But how exactly does this work, and how does it work with an ultrasound? In this article, we will go into this in detail, so you can learn more about it.


When you are already 20 weeks pregnant, it is possible to have an ultrasound by the ultrasound technician. This is normal because the ultrasound checks for physical abnormalities in the child. It also looks at the gender and asks if you want to know. The sex determination is not an official part of the ultrasound, and the ultrasound technician does not have to look at it. If the gender is not clearly visible, no extra time will be spent on it.

Can’t wait?

Can’t wait 20 weeks, or can’t the ultrasound operator tell you the gender with certainty? Then you can also take a home gender test and find out quickly this way. This can often be done from 7 weeks of pregnancy and this test is 99.5{53c1b4adaaca6b26871c1cd21052d97bf0aea77b4084f28ca5521365d938de77} accurate. In this way you can quickly find out the gender, and you do not have to think about it much more. The home gender tests by Peekaboo are known worldwide and can easily be ordered via the internet.

Spermcheck fertility

Many couples cannot get pregnant and this is very annoying. In 1 out of 3 couples who cannot get pregnant, the fertility problems are caused by the man. Therefore, it can be interesting to do a spermcheck fertility. This is a test that you can perform at home, so you know exactly whether you are fertile, or not. This test looks at how many active sperm cells there are in your sperm. If the woman also does a similar fertility check, you are sure of where the problems lie.