Summer holidays are coming and that influences our habits. During the months of July and August we spend more time on the street, on the beach or in the pool, we go out more for a walk, to eat out or even to have a drink. Some of the routines also change, as many people leave behind the good nutrition that they usually carry during the winter. In this situation we must need dental examinations during a month or twice a month.

Holidays are a necessary time to consider changing habits, since by having more free time we can recharge our batteries. However, modifying our routine also influences the neglect of some customs that should be maintained every day of the year. One of the habits that many people leave behind in summer is oral health care, which can become complicated.

Maintain Good Hydration

Experts remember that the first sign of dehydration is a dry mouth sensation. In this way, in order to counteract the loss of fluids that occurs due to sweating, it is necessary to drink 2 liters of water a day. With this, we will hydrate our body and leave a dry mouth behind.

Follow A Healthy Diet

Although we eat more meals outside the home in summer, dentists recommend for dental health care eating healthy. The consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish and olive oil is important, and it is advisable to avoid processed foods and fats. In addition, alcohol and tobacco should also be avoided, as they affect our oral health.

Limit Consumption Of Sugary Foods And Drinks

In the summer we usually eat more carbonated drinks, ice cream, as they can be refreshing. Well, from the General Council of dentists they warn that these foods raise the levels of acids that damage the enamel, favoring the appearance of cavities, so we should consume them moderately.

Wear Mouth Guards When Playing Sports

During the summer holidays, dentists warn that this is when the most dental trauma occurs, both in children and adults. This is because more physical exercise is practiced outdoors.

Therefore, in order to avoid it, experts recommend using a mouth guard if you do contact sports. In addition, they warn that, in case of dental fracture, the tooth must be preserved in saline, water or milk, and immediately go to a dentist to be able to carry out the appropriate treatment.

Take Care Of Oral Hygiene

Although it is difficult to maintain oral hygiene habits with the change in routine, it is essential to remember it and brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, for 2 minutes each time and with fluoride paste. Floss or interdental brush should also be used at night.

In case it is not possible to brush your teeth because we are not at home, the best option is to chew sugar-free gum with xylitol for 20 minutes, as it produces saliva and helps cleaning. Although it is important to remember that no gum or food, no matter how healthy it may be, substitutes for brushing your teeth.

In addition, as the Covid-19 pandemic is still present, dentists remember that it is essential to take care of the toothbrush, wash your hands well before and after using it, clean it, disinfect it, dry it, keep it protected in its cap, do not share it and do not store it together with other brushes.

Do Not Neglect The Treatments

If you are undergoing any treatment, such as discharge splints for bruxism or orthodontic treatment, you should continue to use the hours recommended by the dentist. It is important not to neglect to put them on, since, with free time, it is something that can happen as well must visit to your professional dental cleanings clinic or doctor.

Protect Lips

Just as we protect our body from the sun, we must also protect our lips from its harmful effects. Thus, we must use a suitable sunscreen to prevent them from burning, just as we must remember to protect the rest of the body.

Take The Opportunity To Visit The Dentist

During the winter, workloads, school and obligations, make less time to go to the dentist. For this reason, taking advantage of the summer holidays, the General Council of Dentists recommends allocating an hour to go to the check-up. A good general checkup for the whole family can avoid pain, complications and more expenses in the future.

By Pedrosa