If you get the flu, there are issues you can do to feel better. First, name your physician to see if there are medicines that may help. Remind him or her in case you are taking medicine to struggle cancer or different medicines that make it onerous for your physique to battle illness. There are prescribed drugs, referred to as antivirals, that are used to deal with people with the flu. If you take them inside forty eight hours after the flu begins, these medicine could make you feel higher extra quickly. They are typically prescribed to help you recover from a secondary infection if it is caused by micro organism. Bacteria are a unique sort of germ than viruses.

If the virus adjustments, the vaccine used in the flu shot is changed. Second, the protection you get from a flu shot lessens with time, particularly in older individuals. So, you must get the shot every fall to do your best to stay shielded from the flu. The flu is contagious—which means it spreads from person to person, usually through the air.

About Flu

You can catch the flu when somebody close to you coughs or sneezes. Or, if you touch one thing the virus is on, like Ellen and Jack’s cellphone or doorknob, and then contact your nostril or mouth, you would catch the flu. The flu virus can reside on a floor like a book or doorknob for a variety of hours. Remember to scrub your hands typically when you’re round someone who is sick. Make a point of washing them before consuming or touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. It was mid-November, and Ellen had not gotten a flu shot. One day she was out having lunch with a good friend and noticed individuals sneezing and coughing on the next table.


Swine influenza refers to infections from strains derived from pigs. The 2009 influenza pandemic was a recombinant influenza involving a mixture of swine, avian, and human gene segments (see H1N1 Influenza ). The flu is caused by influenza viruses that infect the nostril, throat, and lungs. These viruses unfold when people with flu cough, sneeze or speak, sending droplets with the virus into the air and potentially into the mouths or noses of people who find themselves nearby. You can even get flu by touching a floor or object that has flu virus on it after which touching your personal mouth, eyes or nose.

Can The Flu Vaccine Protect Me Against Coronavirus? Am I More Likely To Get Coronavirus If I Get The Flu Vaccine?

You can pass on the infection earlier than you feel sick. You are contagious for a number of days after you get sick.


Two days later, Ellen woke up feeling achy and had a fever. Her husband Jack took care of her and was careful to scrub his arms after touching Ellen’s dishes. Maybe he used the phone simply after Ellen finished talking with their son. Or possibly he touched a doorknob Ellen used after sneezing.

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Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is the cause of the current pandemic of COVID-19. This virus is different from the flu viruses, and there’s no knowledge suggesting a flu vaccine will shield you from getting COVID-19. However, flu vaccines reduce the possibilities of getting the flu. Vaccination is the primary technique for control of influenza; however, antiviral brokers have a task within the prevention and remedy of mainly influenza sort A infection. Regardless, antiviral brokers shouldn’t be thought-about in its place or different for vaccination. Household contacts and caregivers of individuals with medical situations associated with increased danger of severe problems from influenza. In the United States, the flu season usually happens from about November till April.

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