How to Teach Your Kids About Oral Hygiene

Teaching your kids about good oral hygiene is important for their dental health and overall well-being, but getting them to brush their teeth regularly can sometimes be a challenge. One of the best ways to teach your kids about anything, particularly oral hygiene, is to turn it into a game or an enjoyable activity. This way, they’re more likely to comply and, hopefully, continue their healthy dental habits into adulthood.

So, here are six tips for teaching your children about good oral hygiene.

1.    Pick Their Own Toothbrushes

One way to make brushing fun is to let children pick their own toothbrushes and toothpaste. Many supermarkets and pharmacies carry toothbrushes that feature popular children’s characters from cartoons and movies, as well as toothpaste in a variety of flavours and colours. Allowing your kids to choose their favourite brushes and toothpastes can make them more excited about actually using them! If your kids are older, you might try electric toothbrushes, as these can be much more fun and interesting to tech-savvy kids.

2.    Create a Brushing Chart

Using a colourful chart where children can track their daily brushing habits adds a visual element of fun to their routine. You can use stickers as a way for kids to mark each successful brushing, and at the end of a week of consistent brushing, a small reward can be a great incentive to reinforce their good habits.

3.    Turn Brushing into a Game

If you turn cleaning their teeth into a game, the whole process can be much more enjoyable. For example, you could set up challenges, such as “can you brush all your teeth before this song ends?” or set a timer and encourage them to keep brushing until it alarms when they receive a prize. This not only keeps your kids engaged but also ensures they brush for the recommended two minutes.

4.    Brush Along with Them

Children love to mimic their parents, so why not brush your teeth together? Make it a family activity where everyone brushes their teeth at the same time. This not only teaches good oral hygiene but also makes the routine much more fun and engaging for your child.

5.    Read Books and Watch Videos About Brushing

If your kids love reading, you can share books and videos highlighting the importance of regularly cleaning their teeth. Many children’s books and cartoons have episodes or stories about characters learning to brush their teeth. Watching these can help reinforce the message that brushing is important and can also be fun.

6.    Visit Your Dentist Regularly

While not immediately obvious as a fun activity, visiting a local Tewantin dentist can be a positive experience. Many dentists are skilled in handling children, emphasising the fun aspects of oral hygiene, providing praise for their excellent dental habits, offering encouragement, and sometimes even giving out stickers or small toys after a successful visit.

  • Make Brushing a Joyful Routine

Ultimately, your goal is to make cleaning their teeth a fun part of their day. So, choose the best method for your kids, and soon, brushing their teeth will become a regular part of their day – setting them on a path to healthy teeth and gums for life!

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