13 July 2015 Updated following confirmation of a case of H7N7 avian flu in Lancashire. 13 July 2015 Updates to details about motion controls and licences, and commerce points, and wider editorial reviews. 13 July 2015 Updated model of the overall licence – movement of mammals from or to premises in the Protection or Surveillance Zones. 14 July 2015 Added details of a specific licence for the motion of hatching eggs from the Surveillance Zone to a chosen premises for scientific, diagnostic, pharmaceutical functions. 27 July 2015 Added new general licence for movement of mammal carcases from premises in the Protection Zone.

21 December 2016 The interactive map has now been updated and is on the market once more. 22 December 2016 Latest situation up to date following the confirmed case in a wild fowl in Wales on 22 December 2016. 23 December 2016 Updated to reflect newest findings in wild birds. 23 December 2016 Added general licences for actions of poultry carcases, and litter, manure and so forth.

Primary Signs

It is useful to know the distinction between a cold and the flu. Getting plenty of rest and consuming loads of liquids will make you’re feeling better. While a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers battle to outlive on the train from Seoul to Busan. The explosion of a nuclear energy plant attributable to an earthquake results in a disaster which nobody apart from its workers can cease from spreading additional.

Chaos ensues when a lethal, airborne virus infects the population of a South Korean metropolis lower than 20 kilometers from Seoul. 18 November 2014 Updated as a result of the disease pressure has been identified.


19 November 2014 Updated biosecurity steerage to incorporate specific precautions concerning wild birds. 21 November 2014 Added general licence for the movement of poultry meat from poultry originating in a Protection Zone or originating from an area that subsequently turns into a Protection Zone.

Whats The Incubation Period For The Flu?

More examples She’s extremely popular and shivery, so I suppose she must have flu. Add flu to considered one of your lists under, or create a brand new one. Symptoms of a chilly are usually gentle in comparison with flu.

eight December 2016 Information added about birds of prey, game birds and shooting within the Prevention Zones. 12 December 2016 We’ve expanded our recommendation on flying pigeons or birds of prey. sixteen December 2016 Further info added about controls in the Protection Zone and Surveillance Zone in Lincolnshire. 17 December 2016 Updated information on motion of meat from poultry within the Protection Zone.

25 November 2016 Updated the guidance on what to do if you find dead wild birds. 7 December 2016 Updates to background information, including the reasons for the controls, and fowl fairs and gatherings, in the gentle of queries we’ve obtained.

26 November 2014 Published general movement licence for the motion of eggs from a premises within the Protection or Surveillance Zone to a chosen egg packing centre. 26 November 2014 Added information about specific motion licence for the movement of used poultry manure, litter or slurry. 27 November 2014 Published general licence for the elimination of the special meat mark utilized to sure poultry meat originating in a Protection Zone. 2 February 2015 Updated within the light of the low severity avian flu case confirmed in Hampshire. 28 February 2015 Edited to cover lifting of the restriction zone in Hampshire. 12 March 2015 Added link to the reports which summarise the investigations carried out into the fowl flu outbreaks in Yorkshire and Hampshire in 2014 and 2015. 10 July 2015 Updates to motion controls and additional editorial evaluations and adjustments.

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