Called in to assist, In-hae finds the cellphone video and theorizes that situations in the transport container allowed the virus to mutate. Byung-ki refuses to reply questions concerning the container. Byung-woo dies, and Byung-ki exposes a number of of the hospital employees whereas struggling to get to his brother. Brothers Ju Byung-woo and Ju Byung-ki are smugglers in Seoul who discover that unlawful immigrants have died in a transport container from an unknown sickness. They take sole survivor Monssai and cellphone video of the bodies to point out their boss in Budang, however Byung-woo turns into sick and Monssai escapes. The brothers go to a clinic where the contagion is passed on to others who unfold it throughout the town.


Mi-reu is shipped to Seoul to create a vaccine while medical teams are dispatched to Budang. In-hae remains in Budang and joins Ji-goo to seek for Mi-reu. They find her in a grocery store which is being looted, with people exhibiting signs while riot police try to comprise them. The three manage to get out before steel shutters come down.

Individuals At High Risk From Flu

Influenza A undergoes frequent antigenic adjustments that require the development of latest vaccines and necessitate that folks to obtain a new vaccination every year. Researchers are developing new vaccine know-how.


Gook-hwan tries to give himself a transfusion of her blood, but is discovered and killed in a struggle with Kyung-ub. Mi-reu flees and is pushed to the entrance of the mob, which is confronting troopers on the freeway. In-hae is shot whereas making an attempt to prevent Mi-reu from crossing the containment line. Mi-reu shields her mother and pleads for them to stop, then the mob shields Mi-reu. The president orders the soldiers to face down, and forces Snyder to cancel an air strike.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of The Flu?

In-hae will get them passage to Seoul, however Ji-goo refuses to abandon his duties and works with Kyung-ub to free these trapped in the store. In-hae and Mi-reu reach the final helicopter for Seoul, however Mi-reu shows symptoms and they are denied passage. Byung-woo’s situation worsens and he begins vomiting blood. His brother takes him to an emergency room, the place he’s isolated with an unknown flu.

Flu is contagious, and flu signs could last up to 7-14 days. Viruses that infect the respiratory tract cause influenza (commonly called “the flu”).

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